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Upcoming Events

2018 LawExchange Americas Regional Conference
Date:  26 - 27 July 2018
Location:   Chicago, IL, USA
Host Firm:  Gould & Ratner LLP

2018 LawExchange Autumn Conference
Date:  27 -29 September 2018
Location:   Bangalore, India
Host Firm:  Lexygen

2019 LawExchange Spring Conference
Date:  12 - 14 April 2019
Location:   Prague, Czech Republic
Host Firm:  Rada & Partner

2019 LawExchange Autumn Conference
Date:  TBD
Location:   Mexico
Host Firm:  Diazigareda

2020 LawExchange Spring Conference
Date:  TBD
Location:   Aarhus, Denmark
Host Firm:  Holst, Advokater

Past Events

2018 LawExchange European Regional Conference
Date:  8 June 2018
Location:   Barcelona, Spain
Host Firm:  Net Craman Abogados

2018 LawExchange Spring Conference
Date:  3-5 May 2018
Location:   Toronto, Canada
Host Firm:  Loopstra Nixon

2020 LawExchange Autumn Conference
Location:   Illinois, Chicago
Host Firm:  Gould + Ratner

2016 LawExchange Autumn Conference
Date:  23-24 September 2016
Location:   Paris, France
Host Firm:  AyacheSalama

2017 LawExchange Autumn Conference
Date:  14-16 September 2017
Location:   Dublin, Ireland
Host Firm:  Flynn O’Driscoll

2016 Asian Regional Conference
Date:  5 August 2016
Location:   Singapore
Host Firm:  Robert Wang & Woo LLC

2016 Americas Regional Conference
Date:  14-15 July 2016
Location:   Raleigh, NC, USA
Host Firm:  Hutchison PLLC

2016 European Regional Conference
Date:  24 June 2016
Location:   Munich, Germany
Host Firm:  Zirngibl Langwieser

2017 European Regional Conference
Date:  12 May 2017
Location:   Bologna, Italy
Host Firm:  Studio Legale Galgano

2016 LawExchange Spring Conference
Date:  25-26 April 2016
Location:   Tokyo, Japan
Host Firm:  Uchida & Samejima Law Firm

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