Selangor Darul Ehsan

Gideon Tan Razali Zaini emerged in the Malaysian legal scheme with a kick-start by its forthright founder, Gideon Tan, on 4th June 1996.

With keenness of thought and foresight, the firm expanded from a single-member entity to what is currently, an established legal practice shouldered by six Partners, three Senior Associates and seven Associates governed by the rules of the Malaysian Bar.

Our practice areas are mainly in two broad areas of (a) commercial litigation and arbitration and (b) corporate and conveyancing matters, with involvement as specified in the Practice Areas’ section on the website.

The firm is also registered as a Foreign Law Practice in Singapore, specialising in construction and commercial arbitration and conveyancing, including cross-border transactions vis-à-vis Malaysia.   Our lawyers are imbued with the ability to be good listeners, critical thinkers and effective problem-solvers.   We treat each client as unique, hemmed in by its own peculiar circumstances.   We apply our knowledge of the law to advise each client on the effective ways to look after the client’s well-being.   All matters are thoroughly discussed before we proceed to undertake any case and our clients can be assured that we will go to great lengths to employ the necessary tools, within the boundaries of law, to meet our clients’ needs.

We have gained a reputation as a dynamic and effective law firm, dispensing advice based on our expertise, with due deliberation and research, crucial to any clients’ business or matters of a personal nature.

Being a member of LawExchange International gives us opportunities to work with fellow members and give counsel on a broader scale.