Uchida & Samejima Law Firm (USLF), established in July 2004, is located in Minato-ku, at the heart of Tokyo city and within walking distance of The Tokyo District and Appeal Court. The firm focuses on legal business for technology corporations and, as a growing IP / IT boutique law firm in Japan, covers traditional legal work such as litigation and licensing, as well as newer trends such as consultation and M&A advice. The firm maintains 15 attorneys in total, which is now acknowledged as one of the largest IP / IT boutique law firm in Japan.

One significant feature of USLF is that almost all of the attorneys have a technological background, as well as broad legal experience. These backgrounds vary from life sciences to electronics, including chemical, material engineering, mechanics and computer science. Another significant feature of the firm is that many of its attorneys have business experience in large manufacturing companies – in areas such as engineering, patents and general consultancy.

Masahiro Samejima, the founding attorney-at-law and patent attorney noted: “Uchida & Samejima is a renowned, skilled negotiator of IP licences – offering a deep knowledge and experience pertaining to patent law work. Moreover, our background in technology enables us to be an accomplished adviser in the area of patent litigation, as well as other technology-orientated litigation. Such litigation may include: software copyright, Internet dispute as well as product liability.

“Typically, it is the larger corporations that employ our expertise. Since we do not charge for technology comprehension – such charge is not necessary considering our background – the total cost, therefore, may be less than half of what our peer firms charge. “

Masahiro Ito, the partner attorney who is in charge of IT Division says “some of our lawyers, including myself, spent years as project managers or systems engineers, and we understand technology, methodology and troubles in developing systems and have extensive expertise in dispute resolution such as system failure, outsourcing troubles. Recently, we have been focusing on the Internet business issues, such as personal data, social networking service, etc.”

Of course, USLF handles other types of works, such as commercial agreement, corporate, labour and venture works. Mr Hiroshi Uchida, another founding attorney-at-law  of USLF, has been working on various law practices for more than 20 years to feature USLF in these practice areas.