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Clay Fernandes wins the 2023 Lewis Isaacs Award!

25 September 2023

We are proud to announce that Clay Xavier Fernandes, from our Canadian member firm Loopstra Nixon, is the 2023 Lewis Isaacs Award Winner. He receives this award for the work he has done for member firm Gould & Ratner.

Clay Fernandes was nominated by Fred Tannenbaum from Gould & Ratner.

Loopstra Nixon in Toronto received a referral from Gould & Ratner in Chicago to assist a large European Energy Infrastructure company with its takeover of a Canadian publicly traded competitor.

Clay Fernandes at Loopstra Nixon played a lead role in executing the complex transaction including round-the-clock responsiveness and accommodating three time zones throughout the transaction. The transaction was completed with highly satisfied clients. It’s an example of collaboration across three countries which demonstrates how LEI member firms can achieve global reach for their clients.

Fred Tannenbaum from Gould & Ratner received the following message from the client: “I know your firm can help us throughout the US. I now know that you can help us through the US and Canada. The introduction to Loopstra Nixon was excellent and showed what a well connected and thoughtful person you are. The Loopstra Nixon team did a great job in a tough transaction and we were really very pleased, so I just wanted to say thank you. They exhibited terrific professionalism and success in navigating a complicated transaction. We intend to continue to make acquisitions in Canada and the US and will continue to work with Loopstra Nixon and Gould & Ratner. Thanks again.”

According to Fred the Lewis Isaacs Award honors a lawyer that displayed many great attributes on a matter: hard work, professional competence if not excellence, mastery of a complex subject, teamwork, responsiveness, and overall energy and dedication. Clay Fernandes from Loopstra Nixon embodies all these virtuous attributes and highly deserves the Award.

Clay will receive his Award at the Autumn Conference in San Diego.

Congratulations Clay!

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