Legal Notice

This website is the exclusive property of LawExchange International. Its presentation and contents are protected by copyright, and any reproduction or use in any form of all or any part of it is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of LawExchange International.

The contents of this website are merely for information purposes and do not constitute legal advice. Consequently you should not act on the basis of any information on the website without first consulting a lawyer about your particular situation or case.

LawExchange International is a major network of independently owned and managed law firms. These firms provide legal and business advice. Services are delivered independently by the member firms within LawExchange International, a non-practising international umbrella entity.

LawExchange International does not deliver services in its own name or otherwise and is not a partnership. Each member of LawExchange International is a separate firm. These firms are not members of an international partnership or otherwise legal partners with each other nor is any one firm responsible for the service or activities of any other. Each firm is self-governing and handles its administrative matters on a local basis.

Not all members of LawExchange International are full service law firms.

Not all members of LawExchange International carry professional indemnity insurance. For those members which do carry professional indemnity insurance, the level of cover will vary. When instructing a member of LawExchange International, you should clarify what insurance, if any, that member carries.

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