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LEI's Brochure

The digital brochure LEI’S FAST FACTS indicates “who we are & what we do” as an organization.

Let your (potential) clients and other relevant contacts know that you are a member of LEI, and how they will benefit from using an LEI firm. Send this brochure by email, use it in proposals, on your website, social media and in other communications.

This Guide contains an overview of LEI membership benefits, governance, activities, resources and the website.

A description of LEI to copy and paste for use on your firm’s website and marketing materials.

A one-page overview of LEI that summarizes LEI and its membership benefits, to distribute within your firm.


Follow the steps in this plan to ensure you become quickly integrated as members and take advantage of the many benefits of LEI membership. Veteran member firms will also benefit from ensuring completion of all steps in this plan.


Use this document as a guide to develop an email announcement to all people of your firm to announce your new membership in LEI. Customize the email to reflect your firm’s LEI integration strategy.


A press release to announce your firm’s new LEI membership to the local media, to post to your firm’s website, and to send to clients upon joining LEI.

How law firms can embrace Social Media. Presentation of Anna Osborne, Social Media Manager, at the EU Regional Conference in March 2019.

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