Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find a LawExchange International member firm?

Use the “SEARCH OUR FIRMS” function located on the LawExchange International (LEI) website to find a firm or within your desired jurisdiction. Then, communicate with the contact person(s) listed within the firm’s profile.  For a complete list of member firms go to

What if my firm needs assistance in a matter where LawExchange International currently has no member?

LEI has a correspondent network of relationships with law firms in many non-member countries. For information and a list of our correspondent firms, go to If you cannot find a firm using the website, send an email to for further assistance. Please describe your need, the area of the world in which you need assistance, and any other details that may be helpful.

What if I do not receive an immediate response to an inquiry?

Spam filters can block incoming email from a new source. It is advised to send an email to the contact(s) listed on the website using “LEI” in the subject line, and to follow up with a phone call.

Is there a protocol to consider when working with another LawExchange member?

To assure that the needs of LEI member firms and their clients are efficiently and effectively met, LEI has created and implemented the Referrals and Quality Assurance Protocol. Click here to access the Membership Protocol document.

What is my username and password for the website MEMBER AREA?

If you do not have your user name and password, please email

How do I edit/update my firm’s website profile?

For information on updating your firm’s website profile, email

How do I get my firm’s news and articles displayed on the LawExchange website?

Add to your distribution list for news, newsletters, articles, alerts, etc., or send these items and other updates at any time. Your firm’s news and information will be posted to the LEI website and featured in Soundbyte, LEI’s monthly email bulletin.

How do I get on the mailing list for Soundbyte?

Send an email to indicating your request to be added to the mailing list. To add multiple addresses, include the full list of the email addresses you wish to be added.

Does LEI track referrals?

Members are asked to post information on referrals to other LEI member firms on the REFERRALS REGISTER section of the LEI website MEMBER AREA. Click here to access the section. Click on the ADD A REFERRAL button to post.

Does LEI have a lawyer exchange program?

One of the benefits of LEI is forming a close relationship with other members. Some members have maximized this relationship by sending employees to other member firms to gain valuable experience in other parts of the world and fill staffing needs. Given the unique nature of each country’s travel and immigration laws, we recommend that members decide how to conduct this type of endeavor by contacting their local government and legal counsel.