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"Comp Time" Bill Could Be Boon for Employers, Employees Alike

1 June 2017

Christina Alabi, an associate in Gould & Ratner’s Human Resources and Employment Practice, discussed some of the potential effects of the Working Families Flexibility Act, which was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on May 2, 2017, in “4 Things Employers Should Know About ‘Comp Time’ Bill” published in The “Comp Time” bill would allow employers to give workers paid time off for overtime in lieu of cash.Alabi noted that that if the proposed law is implemented correctly by companies, it might leave workers more satisfied with their jobs. “I think it will improve labor relations because some employees will view [a company] as more attractive since they have a choice of having paid time off if it is done and enforced properly,” she said.But Alabi, a former field attorney with the National Labor Relations Board, advised that businesses would need to first make sure that they create clear policies regarding employees’ requests for paid time off and should consider training to comply with laws before legal issues arise. “With a strong HR presence, those potential administrative difficulties can be worked through,” she said.Read the full article here (registration and/or subscription may be required).

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