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Hewitsons Working with Scott Bader

Hewitsons in the UK is working with global chemical company Scott Bader on its charity, community and corporate social responsibility.Scott Bader has been a highly ethical business since its foundation in 1921, with founder Ernest Bader embedding principles of employee ownership, opportunity for individuals, and community benefit, which continue today.The Scott Bader Commonwealth, a charity, is at the heart of this vision and was awarded The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award in 2014. Business and ethics can succeed together.Hewitsons has a strong charities, education and social enterprise team and so has a great deal of affinity with the Scott Bader principles. The firm has been engaged by the Scott Bader Commonwealth to advise on a number of aspects of its work, including a project to support and collaborate with other community businesses by the provision of facilities in a social enterprise hub at Scott Bader’s headquarters.

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