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Jessica Lingertat, of Gould & Ratner, was a featured panelist on the ULI Chicago Technical Assistance Panel (TAP)

Jessica Lingertat, partner and chair of Gould & Ratner's Real Estate Practice, was a featured panelist on the ULI Chicago Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) in partnership with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP).The panel, in partnership with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), made recommendations for revitalizing North Avenue between Austin Boulevard and Harlem Avenue and present strategies to strengthen the corridor’s development potential.The TAP addressed the following questions posed by the sponsors:

  1. Which sites along the corridor offer key redevelopment opportunities? What are the highest and best uses for these site(s)?

  2. What type of transportation and streetscape improvements could enhance access, safety and overall development potential of the corridor?

  3. Funding strategies.

  4. What are the opportunities for and challenges to creating a coordinated, cohesive North Avenue corridor given its inter-jurisdictional nature (Chicago to the north and Oak Park to the south)?

Learn more about ULI Chicago's Technical Assistance Program.

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