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KIAP, Attorneys at Law, entered the TOP-10 legal companies-leaders in isolated bankruptcy disputes and the TOP-15 leaders in disputes on subsidiary liability according to “” research

Today, the legal portal “” published the results of a federal research of law firms that are actively involved in proceedings related to the corporate and civil insolvency. The research defined which law firms are leading in the total amount of isolated bankruptcy disputes and the number of decisions in such cases.According to the results of the Ranking on isolated bankruptcy disputes, KIAP, Attorneys at  Law, entered the TOP-10 best law firms and took 7th position in the rating. The list of the best law firms also included: Yukov & Partners, Benderskiy & Partners, Ivanyan & Partners, EPAM, Kovalev, Tugushi & Partners, PARADIGMA, Melnitsky & Zakharov, Sotbi and RKT. In total, 30 law firms were noted within this research.Read the full article here.

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