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LEI`s new Chairman

16 May 2018

 Dr.Hans Kramer, a specialist corporate law partner in the Munich office of member firm, Zirngibl, took over the Chairmanship of LEI at the close of conference dinner in Toronto, on 5th May, following the retirement of Chris Lovell, former National Managing Partner of Australian member firm,Holding  Redlich and now its Chairman. Hans said " I`m deeply honoured to have been elected by the membership as LEI`s new Chairman". LEI is a remarkable organisation, combining an extensive range of specialist legal skills with an extraordinary degree of cohesiveness. This means that if a client of an LEI member firm requires advice or assistance in a jurisdiction in which we are represented, then it only takes an email or phone call from the client`s lawyers to ensure that the client`s needs will be recognised and dealt with. I very much look forward to doing all that I can, during the two years of my Chairmanship, to promote and develop the skills and service delivery which LEI offers.