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UPDATE: LEI Real Estate and Construction subgroup

We are pleased to report that the Real Estate and Construction subgroup now has up to 15 member firms being represented, with a fair number having more than one representative lawyer.The target for this subgroup is to have at least one real estate and/or construction experienced lawyer per LEI member. Each group member is encouraged to actively use the LinkedIn site ( for the exchange of articles and ideas in addition to speaking directly whenever possible.Colin Jones from Hewitsons is proposing to set up a side meeting with any representatives of the Real Estate and Construction subgroup who are present at the Bangalore conference.As with the Services for Individuals subgroup which was started off in London and subsequently met again in Milan, those who attended have reported back that through having a greater understanding about the private wealth services of LEI member firms, LEI can provide added value in facilitating side line discussions about wider areas of a member firms’ practices which might have international scope.Should any LEI member firm be interested in joining the Real Estate and Construction subgroup please get in touch with Kate Van Engeland.Current member firms represented in Real Estate and Construction subgroup include:

  1. Abogado en Diaz Igareda

  2. Zirngibl Langwieser

  3. Lindsays

  4. Studio Legale Galgano

  5. Loopstra Nixon

  6. Hewitsons

  7. Gould & Ratner

  8. Mully & Mulla

  9. Holding Redlich

  10. Flynn O Driscoll

  11. AC&H Legal

  12. Lautenschlager, Romerio & Iwamizu

  13. Ranberger Advokater

  14. Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven

  15. Levenbach

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