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AC&H is Proud to Host the 5th Edition of the Annual ALN International Conference

2 April 2018

14-15 November 2018  |  Dubai, UAEThe ALN International Conference has been held annually since 2014, with the aim of connecting Africa to international markets, and is regarded as one of the top conferences for investors looking to Africa.The Conference, which attracts more than 300 delegates each year, has served as an effective forum connecting investors and other stakeholders with an interest in Africa, and providing them with an avenue for dialogue on topics salient to Africa.It brings together top business leaders, dignitaries, decision makers and strategic advisors with a deep understanding of the continent. The rich mix of delegates, of which over 60% are C-Suite, include players from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas.Attendance is on an invite only basis, and ALN carefully vets the list of attendees to ensure calibre and relevance.For more information please visit here.

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