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Anna Grishchenkova, of KIAP, conducted an educational course “International commercial arbitration” in MSAL

2 January 2019

KIAP International commercial arbitration and Litigation partner Anna Grishchenkovaconducted a practical course of lectures devoted to International commercial arbitration in Kutafin Moscow State Law University from October 27 to December 7, 2018. The course was held on the basis of student Center of MSAL department of practical jurisprudence “RPO.Education” within the framework of #MSALOpenFaculty project and consisted of six lectures.Anna Grishchenkova’s course aroused a great interest of attendees. While giving lectures Anna shared her own experience, know-hows and practical recommendations in questions frequently faced by international commercial arbitration lawyers, but not being explained within the standard educational program.The first introducing lecture was devoted to types of arbitration and arbitral institutes, as well as to Russian features. In addition,  Anna spoke about the arbitrability of disputes, the choice of jurisdiction and institution and arbitration clauses. During the second lecture Anna told in details about the initiation and methods of starting arbitration, as well as about multilevel reservations, interim measures, emergency arbitrator and terms of reference. The topics of the third and fourth lectures were related to the rules of persuasive written documents and oral presentation in arbitration. Natalia Kisliakova, associate of the International commercial arbitration practice of KIAP, also took part in the fifth meeting on the topic of witness interrogation and the use of experts. Together with Anna, they conducted an improvisational cross-examination at the lecture. The sixth closing lesson was devoted to the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.PRO.Education is a student organization established at the Department of practical jurisprudence formed in 2018 at the MSAL in order to make the process of studying at the University more interesting and useful. Projects implemented in the framework of the organization include formats such as an open department, MSAL Talks and legal contests.

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