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Anna Grishchenkova was included into the GAR Arbitrator Research Tool (ART)

19 December 2019

Anna Grishchenkova, Litigation and International Commercial Arbitration Partner of KIAP, Attorneys at law, has been included into the list of arbitrators recommended by the international publication GAR on its professional portal ART.GAR ART is a unique database of arbitrators that allows users to familiarize and research not only their professional achievements and publications, but also the approach, procedural preferences and other specificities of proceedings. ART provides unique information about each of arbitrators, which helps users learn more about a potential candidate. Thus, the profile of each arbitrator also includes information on his professional environment, including the data of arbitrators and attorneys, who have seen the arbitrator in action recently and who can give users feedback on their cooperative work. Currently, the GAR ART Register of Arbitrators includes profiles of more than 300 international arbitrators and is regularly updated.Read the full article here.

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