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Chairman's Update - Autumn 2020

23 September 2020

LawExchange Friends,

Thanks all of you for your attendance at the Global Virtual conference on September 10thand 11th. I think that we all enjoyed the insightful presentation from Ralph Baxter which highlighted the opportunities arising from the rapid adaptation forced on us by the pandemic.

A small consolation amid the tragedy of the pandemic will hopefully be  a leap forward in the adoption of technology and productivity tools that will have a lasting impact on our long term quality of work when we return to the new ‘normal’.

It was also great to see so many faces virtually and to engage in our virtual cocktail reception. It has now been nearly a year since our last Global Conference in Guadalajara and I’m sure we are eagerly awaiting our next global get-together which we hope will be in Berlin.

We’ve also launched our  newly updated website and are receiving wonderful feedback and suggestions as to how we can continue to improve our online presence on this new platform. Many thanks to Kristiaan and Kate (Belgium) who have done and admirable job on this project.

The young lawyers initiative is being aided dramatically by Maggie’s (Portgual) energy and harnessing the power of video chat. We’ve never had more engagement from our young lawyers and for those firms who don’t have significant participation, let Maggie know and she’ll loop them in. It’s an exciting time for young lawyers and LEI.

Finally, I wanted to recognize the exciting groundswell of organic LEI events that have been developing. across all of our regions, our members are hooking up on Zoom chats and having practice meet-ups and other informal connections. Our referrals remain incredibly active among firms (although as always we’d love to see more reported in through the referral portal).

As we enter the fourth quarter of the year here’s wishing all LEI members and their families a safe and prosperous run towards the end of the year

- Allan Ritchie

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