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Charities must tackle vulnerability to fraud – it could be you next!

1 May 2018

High-profile fraud cases such as last year’s £500,000 vishing scam against the Highland Hospice have put Scottish charities on their guard, but this may not help them spot what the next fraud will look like.Charities of all sizes are struggling to deal with the tide of attempts to defraud them.  This is a serious and very prevalent risk issue for charity trustees.Rather than look out for specific types of scam, it’s more important to have systems in place to protect against the unexpected. Fraud can take any number of forms – cybercrime, banking fraud, procurement fraud, grant fraud, data breaches and more.It can also threaten the fundamental survival of a charity: it’s not just about the money taken, but the loss of future funding as well: donors will be wary of giving money to organisations that can’t look after it.Read the entire piece here.

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