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Cleantech in London

25 July 2017

As some of you may know, Hewitsons (England) is a founder member of Cambridge Cleantech, an organisation which supports cleantech companies in and around Cambridge and aims to further develop Cambridge as a leading cleantech centre in Europe. At the end of October Hewitsons will be sponsoring a special ‘Cleantech Venture Day’ which will take place in central London. The event will be an opportunity for about 20 investment-ready cleantech companies to pitch their innovative products or services for funding to a room full of fund managers, corporate venture capitalists and high net worth individuals.The event will also have an international feel to it as it is being run in collaboration with the Nordic Innovation Accelerator (from Finland) and the Global Cleantech Cluster Association, whose awards for the very best cleantech solutions from across the globe will be presented in the evening. Further information about the ‘Cleantech Venture Day’ can be found by following this link - anyone from any other LEI firms is interested in attending, either for the day or for the awards ceremony, please let me know as we may be able to source free or reduced price tickets for you. Andrew Priest, Hewitsons LLP – Cambridge,

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