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Eilish reflects on the essential support that has helped her become a professional athlete

1 July 2019

Most youngsters take their first step into running through a PE teacher or a local athletics club and I was no different. I joined the Dundee Hawkhill Harriers as an under 13 athlete and have never looked back. Not in my wildest dreams did I believe that almost sixteen years later, athletics would now be my full-time profession. As a junior, I didn't even grasp that sport could be a job or more importantly – I didn't believe I would ever be good enough.I also took for granted the effort and constant support from my parents. In local clubs across the country, there are hundreds of young children relying on their parents to drive them from one end of Scotland to the other in search of good competitions, league races or school championships. Without the backing of family and from their local club many of these athletes wouldn’t have the opportunity to reach the next level.Read entire piece here.

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