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21 November 2015

Gould & Ratner recently sponsored the first Innovation Showcase of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce. The showcase, organized and moderated by Fred Tannenbaum, featured three Israeli start-up companies who presented to a panel of investors.   Presenters included:  BeatMed, a personalized medical purchasing service that allows customers to find the best medical supplies at the lowest prices, invites suppliers to do business in a free market environment and keeps both sides up to date on industry trends;    LightCyber™ Magna, a new Active Breach Detection platform based on the recognition that legacy threat prevention systems can and will be circumvented by a targeted attacker, who can then operate with unfettered access to network resources;  and  Tangiblee, a subscription service which scans the product pages of retail vendors for data, turning it into a wallet-opening shopping experience allowing customers to see how one product looks and fits in relation to another. The visitor to the vendor’s page is then able to see how products will work in their everyday lives. Investor Panelists included: Steve Collens from MATTER, Tali Landau-Offer from Amiti VC, Peter Liu from Pritzker Group, and Ira Weiss, Professor and VC Professor of Entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth and VC at Hyde Park Venture Partners.[caption id="attachment_1528" align="alignnone" width="114"] Fred Tannenbaum[/caption]

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