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Gould & Ratner sponsors Real Estate Forum on Chicago's vitality as magnet for corporate headquarters

1 June 2017

Gould & Ratner was the exclusive law firm sponsor of the May 18 Crain's Chicago Business Real Estate Forum that featured an interview with Lori Healey, the CEO of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority.  The more than 200 breakfast attendees were particularly interested in the discussions about how the city of Chicago has used its economic development tools to spur real estate development and assist in creating some of the biggest draws to the individuals and businesses that call Chicago home.Revitalization of Navy Pier, McCormick Place and their related amenities, along with the creation of Millennium Park and our thriving theater, sports and shopping districts (as just a few examples of the items mentioned by Lori), are a part of what cements Chicago as a destination city, both for tourism and for business.You need to look no further for proof of the city's desirability than the recent influx of businesses relocating to Chicago's ever-expanding central core, and in our increased tourism numbers and downtown residential development.As real estate lawyers representing owners, developers, lenders, tenants and a host of other businesses and entrepreneurs in Chicago and around the country, we are able to bear witness to the many reasons why the city is an attractive place to invest in, including:

  • A critical mass of large, global companies that are already headquartered here in a vibrant business community.

  • An ample supply of good real estate for business purposes that's centrally located for travel and shipping needs. The city offers a continuing supply of new, modern buildings with options for many different types of office space, as well as adaptable older buildings that are being repurposed effectively with amenities such as office share and hoteling to help small and emerging businesses, especially in the technology and service industries.

  • A wide and deep pool of available talent to recruit and retain, especially many younger workers who desire urban environments with close and easy work/life elements like communal amenities in condos and apartments, convenient transportation to restaurants and retail without cars, short work commutes, etc. Likewise, many executives and senior managers want an urban or accessible suburban environment, with good public and private schools and diverse housing options.

  • A solid infrastructure of public transportation, as well as access to cabs and car-sharing services that make it easy to be car-free for business travel.

  • An international travel hub for two of the world's largest airlines, which can be key for doing business more efficiently by flying directly to major business centers.

  • A vibrant cultural scene, with a multitude of varied activities and amenities for recreational and business travel. That includes great hotels, theaters and music venues, world-class museums and architecture, top-rated restaurants and even some championship sports teams.

The list could go on, but one thing is clear: Chicago is still the city that works – and works hard – to support the business needs of the companies that call it home.Gould & Ratner proudly calls Chicago home, too, serving the real estate needs of our clients for more than 75 years. We would be delighted to help you with your real estate matters. To learn more about what we do to help our clients succeed, visit or email Jessica Lingertat, who chairs our Real Estate Practice, at

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