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24 February 2017

Hewitsons hosted its annual reception at The Fitzwilliam Museum on the 23rd February. The event was well attended by over 250 guests, representing a range of the firms clients and contacts. During the reception, guests were provided the opportunity visit an exhibition ‘Making waves: Discovering seascapes through drawings and watercolours’, an exhibition that features over thirty works from across the Fitzwilliam Museum's collection and included rarely seen watercolours and drawings by many of the great seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish marine artists.  The firm received positive delegate feedback following the reception. According to Lewis Isaacs, Secretary of LawExchange International, “As I’ve said on previous occasions, I think it speaks volumes about our firm that we’re able to put on an event of such quality and for it to be so well attended (despite "Storm Doris"!). Talking to a lot of the guests whom I have known for many years, I got the clear impression that these evenings are a highlight for them and are not to be missed.” 

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