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HQ Community Announces Partnership with Hutchison PLLC

28 June 2017

Raleigh, North Carolina, June 1, 2017 — HQ Community is excited to announce their partnership with Hutchison PLLC, a boutique firm providing strategic legal and business advice to the innovation ecosystem. To further Hutchison’s mission to work with entrepreneurial companies at their respective stages of growth, Hutchison will provide a pool of pro-bono legal services for HQ Community member companies that demonstrate a readiness to leverage Hutchison’s investment of time and energy into advancing their enterprise. Companies participating in any of the Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte HQ communities will be eligible to take advantage of this opportunity.

There will be a limited number of companies that will be part of this program, and HQ member companies will be required to complete a short questionnaire, sharing information about their company and how they would ultimately benefit from the pro bono services. Hutchison and HQ will review the questionnaires and contact selected companies.“This marks a tremendous opportunity for HQ member companies,” said, Christopher Gergen, a founding partner of HQ Communities. “Through this partnership, participating companies will be able to receive exceptional legal counsel that can help take their companies to another level of growth.”“We are excited to expand our partnership with the HQ Community,” said Anna Tharrington, a partner at Hutchison and lead for the HQ partnership. “Our firm shares HQ’s vision of helping entrepreneurs through the life of their company.  The expanded partnership will allow us to reach more HQ companies, learn what they need and help them succeed by providing tangible work product to the companies that specifically addresses their needs in addition to the general advice we provide in pro bono settings throughout the community.”

To view the release please go here.

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