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Ice Hockey and more in Toronto!

18 May 2018

The Spring conference of LawExchange International was hosted by Toronto-based member firm,Loopstra Nixon, on 3rd--5th May, attended by delegates from more than 30 member firms, together with companions.A full Agenda included presentations on Digital marketing; Artificial Intelligence and its application to legal practice; Trends in law firm office leasing and design; Professional liability issues arising from Anti- Money Laundering obligations and Alternative Dispute Resolution.Membership of LEI was offered to and accepted by delegates from the Shanghai office of Global Law Office.At the close of conference dinner, held in the legendary Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, Chris Lovell of Australian national firm, Holding Redlich, handed over the Chairmanship of LEI  to Hans Kramer of the Munich office of German member firm, Zirngibl.Maggie Marques-Bom ( Marques-Bom & Associados,Lisbon) and Allan Ritchie,(Managing Partner of Loopstra Nixon) were elected to LEI`s Executive Committee."

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