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KIAP assisted the Principal to return 34 mln rubles of previously paid customs duties

2 January 2019

After the thorough analysis of the Principal’s import operations for the last three years’ period it was determined that during customs clearance of certain categories of products a lower customs duty rate could have been applied, so the Principal possessed a right for recovery of previously overpaid customs duties and taxes.The application for recovery of overpaid customs duties was left without consideration by the customs authority. The company appealed to the Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region with the requirement to recognize the inaction of the Customs illegal and the obligation to refund customs duties.The court of first instance agreed with the position of the claimant and ordered the customs authority to refund customs payments in the amount of 34 mln rubles, the court's decision was executed by customs on a voluntary basis.The interests of the Principal at all stages of the project were represented by KIAP Partner Alexey Sizov.

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