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Lawyers of KIAP settled a dispute in ICAC with an amicable agreement

2 January 2019

KIAP lawyers presenting interests of defendant in a dispute connected with construction of luxury real estate in the center of Moscow have succeeded in settlement of this dispute in amicable way, approved in the ICAC of RF an arbitral award on agreed terms. The plaintiff (construction customer) claimed that the defendant (general contractor) have committed several breaches during the construction. Supposing the defendant to be liable for committed breaches, the plaintiff has filed a multi-million claim in ICAC RF.Lawyers of KIAP, Attorneys at law, made a sustained effort, analyzed technical and reporting documentation in full and managed to prove the invalidity of the claim. Moreover, a counterclaim was filed to recover damages from the plaintiff. As a result of the hearing, the plaintiff and the defendant agreed to conclude an amicable agreement on favorable terms for KIAP’s Principal.It should be noted that the conclusion of the amicable agreement in such construction disputes, where normally both the customer and the contractor are extremely sensitive to the assessment of the presence or absence of the fact of violation, as well as to the definition of the perpetrator, happens very rare.The Client’s interests were represented by Anna Grishchenkova, Litigation and International Commercial Arbitration Partner and Associates Natalia Kisliakova and Sergey Ilin.

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