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LEI Asian Regional Conference a Stylish Success

1 June 2017

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="10" gal_title="2017 Asian Regional Conference"]LCC Partners Law Office, led by Curtis Hsieh and Wei Li Liu, hosted the annual Law Exchange Asian Regional Conference in great style in Taipei, Taiwan on 18 and 19 May.15 representatives of LEI firms in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia and LCC Partners attended the Conference. As this was the first LEI conference for many of the attendees the informal meet-and-greet at the Eslite Hotel on Friday evening was a great opportunity to get to know each other and to meet LCC’s team of smart young lawyers.Saturday was a very full day. After a welcome from Curtis, each firm presented an update on its business, the challenges it is facing and what it is doing to meet those challenges. While each firm had its own challenges, these updates engendered a lively discussion on a number of issues which were common to all the firms, particularly creating and managing growth. No-one had all the answers but the discussion provided plenty of food for thought for all the participants.Each firm then gave a presentation on a legal issue of its choice:

  • Wei Li, LCC Partners: Taiwan Tech Investment (and a great introduction to the history, politics and economy of Taiwan)

  • Ken Takami, Uchida & Samejima: Protection of IP in Japan

  • Nick Ong, Robert Wang & Woo: Changes to the Elected Presidency in Singapore

  • Howard Rapke, Holding Redlich: Australian Bribery Laws

  • Alfred Lai, GTRZ: Foreign Investment in Malaysia, and

  • Carl Hinze, Holding Redlich: Constraints on Investing in Australia.

While very different from each other, these presentations showcased the broad skills and knowledge of each of the firms.The meeting closed with a discussion on possible LEI initiatives for members and new member firms in the region. And agreement that the next regional meeting would be Kuala Lumpur in July 2018, hosted by Gideon and his partners.The meeting resumed over dinner at Taipei 101, with a bird’s eye view over most of Taipei and a sumptuous banquet!Curtis and Wei Li put on a tremendous conference and the participants are very grateful for their efforts.     

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