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Neutralization of the largest unexploded bomb from World War II in Poland - the "Tallboy" bomb

21 April 2021

During the implementation of the project "Modernization of the Swinoujście - Szczecin fairway", operated by the SWS Law Firm, a neutralization action was carried out on the largest unexploded bomb from the Second World War. The dormant explosive was found at the bottom of the Piast Canal during preparatory works before deepening the canal.

The "Tallboy" aerial bomb has been the largest unexploded bomb found in Poland, a phenomenon on a global scale. It is a conventional bomb with a total mass of 5.4 tons, including 2.4 tons of high-strength explosive. It was described as deep - penetrating, used to destroy strategic goals. Also known as ‘earthquake bomb’, Tallboys were designed to explode underground.

Preparations for the action lasted for over a year. Clearing the surrounding areas, introducing shipping restrictions and evacuating residents within a 2.5 km radius from the place where the bomb was found were absolutely necessary.

During the bomb disposal operation, it detonated and thus the charge was fully neutralized.

It was the first underwater neutralization of this type of bomb in the world.

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