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28 June 2016

Procopio (San Diego) recently welcomed its sixth annual class of participants to its Native American Intern Program, a 10-week immersion course into real-world legal issues specific to Native American governments, business and inter-tribal entities.This year’s interns include Kele Bigknife (University of Michigan Law School, 2017) and Heather Torres (UCLA School of Law, 2017). Kele is a voting citizen of the Cherokee Nation and editorial board member for The Michigan Business and Entrepreneurial Law Review.  Heather (San Ildefonso Pueblo, Navajo) holds an MA in Collaborative Educational Leadership and is focused on increasing educational opportunities for Native American youth.Launched in 2011, the summer program is designed to offer Native American law students or law students interested in Native American law hands-on experience dealing with everyday legal issues facing tribal communities.“Procopio is committed to giving back to the communities we serve, and this program acts as an incredible springboard for students looking to devote their careers to Native American law,” said Ted Griswold, Procopio partner and Native American practice group leader. “We could not be more proud of our incoming interns and our alumni for their achievements and look forward to their future success.”Procopio continues to mentor its former Native American interns, helping them create their network of tomorrow’s Native American lawyers. Alumni of the program are located in Alaska, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.To learn more about alumni of the Native American Intern Program, visit  and check out Procopio’s Native American Law Blog, Blogging Circle.

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