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16 November 2015

The business law firms Ramberg Advokater (Sweden) and von lode advokat have successfully been providing client-focused advice side by side to Swedish and foreign clients on the Swedish market for many years. Given the significant overlap within both areas of expertise and corporate culture, the decision has now been made to merge.The new firm will be called Ramberg Advokater and, following the merger, will have a total of 50 employees, 41 of whom are lawyers, in Stockholm. This is a significant increase for the two firms, which are now broadening and refining their offering of commercial law services. The new Ramberg Advokater will have a stronger team and a more comprehensive palette of corporate legal expertise gathered under one roof. It is a natural way for the firms to grow and reach the size they both aspire to.“We both see this as a natural and important step in the continued development of our re­spective firms. We want to build a modern law firm that avoids peaks and troughs and can quickly and effectively offer concrete advice for better business to our clients,” says Anders Norlander, chairman of Ramberg Advokater.“We basically have very similar values and corporate cultures. Both our firms have a strong team spirit and are driven by a desire to help our clients to do business better. Our clients have sometimes wished that there were more of us to handle larger assignments,” says Torbjörn Claeson, chairman of von lode advokat.The firms will complement and strengthen one another in several areas of the law, and the combined operation will be able to offer clients stronger comprehensive solutions. Both Ramberg Advokater and von lode advokat specialise in commercial contract law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, IT law and dispute resolution. The merger means increased strength in these areas. Ramberg also brings excellence in public procurement, and stock market and real estate law, while von lode advokat brings expertise in intellectual property law, transportation law, energy law and regulatory compliance.“We realised early on that a merger would benefit our clients significantly. We now have more depth and breadth in the areas of the law where we overlap. The new firm will have greater capacity to manage larger and more complex cases. This strengthens our ability to be an in­sightful advisor and an obvious tool for our clients' businesses,” says Anders Norlander at Ramberg Advokater.The firms also have similar views on how to best cultivate a successful corporate culture.“The corporate cultures at our firms are characterised by a desire to offer high-quality services and significant commitment to our clients. We also share a vision of how a workplace should function, and the need for a balance bet-ween work and leisure for employees,” says Torbjörn Claeson at von lode advokat.The merger will come into effect on 1 January 2016.

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