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24 August 2015

RAMBERG ADVOKATER HAS ADVISED STAYAT HOTELAPART Ramberg Advokater (Sweden) has advised StayAt HotelApart AB when entering into a lease agreement with the landlord Klövern AB (publ) regarding an apartment hotel considering of approx. 170 room located in Kista, north of Stockholm city. The lease agreement covers approx. 7.300 sq. meters and the lease term is initially 20 years. StayAt HotelApart AB is estimated to move to the newly renovated premises in august 2016. RAMBERG ADVOKATER ASSISTING THE CLIENT WITH SUCCESS IN THE SUPREME COURT Ramberg Advokater has represented a landowner who after many years of legal proceedings by the Swedish Supreme court was granted the right to compensation calculated as a reduction in valuation compared current land use. The landowner claimed compensation for the loss of value of the land which due to the establishment of a nature reserve could not be used as productive farmland. The Supreme Court affirmed the verdict of the Land and Environment Court of Appeal. The final judgement of the Supreme Court will have fundamental importance and impact for all assessment when authorities limit landowner’s right to use current land. 

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