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SoundByte Member Spotlight: LCC Partners Law Office

31 August 2017

LCC Partners Law Office has one of the most active venture capital practices in Taiwan. LCC has been involved in numerous venture capital deals, with extensive experience in representing both venture capital funds and start-up companies, helping clients close almost $100 million (U.S.) of investment in the past 12 months.  A single investment of $60 million (U.S.) from Asia’s leading venture capital firms to our new energy client is on of LCC’s most recent and remarkable successes.Taiwan is an island nurturing rapid-growing technology companies. As a result, LCC focuses on providing comprehensive legal services in fund raising, IP and regulatory compliance in all aspects to clients covering the industries of new-energy resources, AI image detection, big data analysis, cloud system development and IoT industries.LCC is also counseling many venture capital firm clients with its deep knowledge in technology industries. LCC's tech-savvy lawyers built deep trust with our tech venture clients for exploring the new technologies and opportunities with our lawyers.A message to LEI friends: LCC has close ties with the tech start up and investment communities in Taiwan and the greater China region, and will continue to thrive in this field. We envision helping our clients succeed in taking their businesses onto the international stage, as well as help your clients in this region.

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