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SWS is legal advisor in the Baltic Pipe project

13 July 2021

SWS appointed as a legal advisor to the General Contractor engaged in the completion of a part of the Baltic Pipe project.

SWS Law Firm entered into a contract for the provision of comprehensive legal services to the General Contractor engaged in the performance of the investment project entitled ”The performance of construction works for the investment project in respect of the expansion of the Pump Compressor Station in Odolanów and the construction of the Pump Compressor Station in Gustorzyn” / - in the part pertaining to the expansion of the Gas Compressor Station in Odolanów. The contract’s value is over PLN 326m. SWS Law Office provides ongoing legal services and support to the General Contractor in all aspects related to the performance of the contract, including contacts with a project investor and required subcontracting of construction works, supplies as well as any and all services required for the performance thereof.

The General Contractor worked out and obtained acceptance of all required documents from the project investor. Construction works are carried out in accordance with schedule. Key materials have been ordered and all deliveries have started.

The investment project is a part of the international Baltic Pipe project.

The Baltic Pipe is a strategic infrastructure project, with the goal of creating a new gas supply corridor on the European market. For the first time, it will be possible to transport gas from fields in Norway to the Danish and Polish markets, as well as to customers in neighboring countries. The Baltic Pipe project consists of five key components: a submarine gas pipeline in the North Sea from the Norwegian system to the Danish tie-in, the expansion of the existing capacity in the Danish land-based transmission system, a compressor station in Zealand, Denmark, a submarine pipeline in the Baltic Sea from Denmark to Poland and the expansion of the Polish transmission system. The Baltic Pipe capacity is to total 10 billion m3 per year, and the projected cost of the construction of the entire gas pipeline approximates EUR 1.6-2.2bn.

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