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Thomas Cook Collapse

3 December 2019

Thomas Cook Collapse Earlier this year, we sadly saw the collapse of the Thomas Cook travel company into liquidation although the 600,000 holidaymakers who could have been stranded were thankfully brought safely back to the UK without too much disruption. However, spare a thought for the 21,000 employees around the world whose jobs have been impacted with many in the UK immediately losing their jobs. This has had a knock-on effect on those places such as the Canary Islands which rely heavily on tourism and which were well served by Thomas Cook flights.  Reports have already started coming in of hotels shutting their doors as so many of their rooms relied on Thomas Cook travellers. The full impact has yet to be digested but, in a rare glimmer of hope, a number of smaller travel companies have taken over some parts of the business, saving jobs and continuing to support suppliers. 

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