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Trademark of the SUNFLOWER Charity Foundation is effectively protected by KIAP pro bono support

3 December 2018

Within the framework of pro bono activity KIAP IP specialists helped the SUNFLOWER Charity foundation to register their logo as a trademark in Rospatent. Now the foundation owns exclusive rights for trademark “Sunflower” (logo), and logo/trademark of the foundation is under protection of the Russian legislation.The Charity foundation’s core aim is to support children and adults with immune system disorders. The SUNFLOWER foundation was founded by Timur Bekmambetov and Varvara Avdushko in 2006 and works to save the lives of people suffering from Primary Immunodeficiency and other autoimmune diseases.Until recent times the Foundation’s rights for the name were only protected by the provisions of the law "On non-profit organizations" in terms of the name of NPOs. However, as the current practice shows, the provisions of the law on "NPOs" are not able to protect the rights of the funds for the names from unfair actions of third parties in a proper way. Everyone heard about fraudulent, "toxic" collection of money and false-NPOs that collect donations on behalf of well-known funds and cause reputational damage to specific charitable organizations and the entire sector of NPOs. Registration of the logo as a trademark, which was successfully executed by lawyers of KIAP IP practice, will allow to protect the rights for the name of the Foundation by the ways provided by provisions of part 4 of the Civil Code. This way the protection of the logo enhances several times as a whole.

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