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Welcoming the 34th member of LawExchange International

26 June 2018

After the Toronto Conference in the beginning of May, the Shanghai Corporate Team of the Chinese firm Global Law Office (GLO) has been accepted as new member. Their membership brings LEI to 34 member firms across the globe.GLO will add a lot of value to LEI. Since China is such an important market place, the GLO membership will be an enormous benefit for the network and to meet the needs of clients who are looking for assistance in China.LEI`s Chairman, Dr. Hans Kramer, welcoming GLO, said how important LEI regards access for the clients of its member firms to first class legal advice in China.The Shanghai Corporate Team of Global Law Office is delighted to be connected with LEI’s global network. LEI’s membership adds significant value to what we can do for our clients in the many global jurisdictions represented.Full details of the firm will be uploaded on to the website as soon as possible.

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