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Astronauts and Entrepreneurs: Birds of a Feather

I had the privilege of co-hosting with Steve Butts a breakfast on April 7th with Astronaut James Lovell. The breakfast was for the UNC Morehead Planetarium, which is undertaking a major capital campaign. The Planetarium in the last few years has extended its reach so that it is touching the lives of folks, especially children, in all 100 counties of North Carolina. I still remember visiting the Planetarium as a kid, but the mission and focus of the Planetarium is so much larger now.

Lovell reminds one of the actor Ralph Bellamy in his later years when he played kindly grandfather characters. He has a voice that puts you at ease and he can tell one story after another. He was not as tall as I had expected, but he said all astronauts had to be under 6’ tall since the Atlas booster rocket was only 6’ in diameter. When he became an astronaut, the Atlas boosters were anything but reliable.

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