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Charity law consultation responses: is that all there is?

The Scottish Government’s latest update on the charity law consultation is welcome, but there is more to be done, writes David Dunsire.

When the Scottish Government launched its charity law consultation earlier this year, it said the time was right to consider updates to Scotland’s charity legislation – legislation that is now over 13 years old.

The sector widely agreed. Charities operate in a landscape that’s completely different to that of the early 2000s – due to factors such as the financial environment, digitisation and changing funding models and public expectations. We’ve also seen developments in charity law in the rest of the UK create some discrepancies in regulatory approaches.

Against that background, January’s consultation document was disappointingly narrow in scope, as my colleagues and I said at the time. Now the Scottish Government has published its analysis of the 307 consultation responses it received, and it seems that many people agreed with us.

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