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Flurry of New Illinois Laws in 2019 Suggest It’s Time To Update Your Employee Handbook

Throughout 2019, Illinois has adopted a number of laws imposing new requirements and restrictions on employers, meaning that prudent Illinois employers should consider updating their employee handbooks to ensure compliance with new laws in effect now and as of Jan. 1, 2020. Following are brief recaps of the new laws:

Salary History Ban

On Sept. 29, 2019, an amendment to the Equal Pay Act of 2003 went into effect prohibiting Illinois employers from asking job applicants or their previous employers about salary history. The law also ensures that employees can discuss their salary, benefits and other compensation with co-workers.

The No Salary History Law carves out exceptions for what employers may discuss. Employers can provide information about the wages, benefits, compensation and salary offered in relation to a position and they may discuss with an applicant any expectations relating to wages, benefits and other compensation.

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