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Lindsays in the Scotsman: Tribunals loom for firms which ignore mental health of staff

This article featuring Ben Doherty, Partner and Head of our Employment team appeared in Scotland on Sunday on Sunday 26May.

A leading expert on employment law has warned that small businesses face increased complaints to tribunals if they ignore issues surrounding the mental health of employees.

Ben Doherty, a partner and head of employment law at Lindsays solicitors in Glasgow, has represented clients from a range of sectors, including charities, healthcare providers and service providers in employment tribunals across the UK.

He says small employers who do not have a human resources team are particularly vulnerable as they don’t have anyone who can take responsibility for the mental health of their staff.

The average UK-wide award from employment tribunals for cases of disability discrimination in the period 2017/18 was £30,968, with the highest amount awarded being £242,130.

Read entire article here.

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