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The California Consumer Privacy Act: Five Ws and an H

Not long after the EU General Data Protection Regulation implementation date, the California state legislature enacted the California Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA”). The CCPA was later amended on September 23, 2018; just in time to make it on your business’s New Year’s resolutions list! Although the law will not go into effect until January 1, 2020, the hastily passed CCPA and subsequent amendment is complicated and requires businesses to give much thought to the classes of data they collect, about whom that data relates, and, depending on the responses to the first two questions, how to comply with the new law. Thus, businesses should seize the opportunity that the New Year presents, familiarize themselves with the CCPA’s requirements, and evaluate their current processes for compliance. In the spirit of the New Year, MBBP’s Privacy and Data Security Team shares the following “five Ws and an H” about the CCPA.

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