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25 August 2015

Ricardo Oliveira of Marques Bom & Associados Visits Gould & Ratner LLP

Gould & Ratner LLP (Chicago) is so pleased to have had the opportunity once again to host an attorney from another LEI firm as part of a “secondment” program. Recently, Ricardo Oliveira from our Portugese firm member, Marques Bom & Associados spent a month at Gould & Ratner working with attorneys in the firm on a wide variety of transactions.  In addition, he participated in several social activities of the office including attending an alumni luncheon at Northwestern University School of Law with Amanda Andrews, an associate who is a graduate of their tax LL.M program.  Ricardo commented that he greatly enjoyed the discussion of how tax attorneys are able to bridge borders on multinational transactions when aware of jurisdictional differences. This LEI “secondment” program illustrates that through this collaboration between firms, there is a tremendous opportunity for the attorney, both educationally and culturally.From collaborating on client matters globally to working together locally, LawExchange International members work together in many ways. Click here to see more.

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