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SWS Strykowski Wachowiak limited partnership Law Firm (Poland) received a request from American Client seeking incorporation of its company (where one of the Partner is Irish company) under Polish law. All specific information, requirements and legal steps which must have been met in order to set up a company in Poland have been communicated to the Client and they have asked us to help them with the subject matter. Time was of the essence but we needed to prepare all required documentation with the highest care and importance. Lack of Polish equivalent of notarial deed in American and also Irish legal system has caused challenge of searching the right form of official documents but thanks to easy and fast communication with Irish lawyers and American representatives of the Client, we came to an agreement. Application to the Court has been send and we all await for successful conclusion of the case" (Ewa Potyralska, Legal Counsel and Partner at SWS Strykowski Wachowiak limited partnership Law Firm).

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