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Congratulations to LEI Chairman Allan Ritchie

A note of congratulations to Allan Ritchie on being named one of Canada’s top lawyers under 40 by Lexpert Magazine – the leading legal industry trade magazine in Canada. As you may have seen, Allan was also awarded the Ontario Bar Association’s Lauren D. Rachlin Award for Excellence in International Business Law earlier this year. These awards reflect our firm’s emergence as a key player in the international business law market and within LawExchange International. It shows that the legal market recognizes what we, and our clients, have always known: we are one of Canada’s premier mid-market law firms. Our membership in LawExchange has been an incredible part of our growth over the last decade. We are grateful for the support from LEI, particularly those in this e-mail list who have trusted us with many referrals over the years and have provided excellent counsel to our clients abroad.


We really look forward to seeing you all in person as soon as possible.


All the best from Canada,

J.A. (Sandy) Nixon



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