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Loopstra Nixon Testimonial to LEI

4 June 2019

Loopstra Nixon LLP joined LawExchange International in 2012 after some interesting discussions which also involved our friends at Phillips Lytle LLP joining at the same time.  We were attracted to LEI because of it’s global influence and the range of member firms in the United States.  From our first call with Fred Tannenbaum of Gould & Ratner LLP, it was clear that LEI was dedicated to providing it’s members and their clients with access to quality legal services from around the globe and we wanted to have that access for ourselves and our clients.In the seven years since we attended our first conference in Amsterdam, we have continued to be energized by the conference experiences each year, the passion of our fellow members, and the quality of information sharing that takes place.  LEI has afforded us a unique opportunity to collaborate, build relationships and increase the service levels we provide our clients by having extensions of ourselves around the world.  We look forward to being a part of the next 25 years of LawExchange as it continues to achieve and grow.   

- Sandy Nixon

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