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Mario Baraldi wins the 2021 Lewis Isaacs Award

29 March 2021

We are so very pleased to announce that Mario Baraldi of Studio Galgano has won the first Lewis Isaacs Award for the work that he has done for a client together with Zirngibl

In his nomination, Jan Krekel from Zirngibl wrote very well of the background to the issues that Mario assisted with, and was full of admiration for the way that he worked with Zirngibl and delivered value to the client. The nomination concluded that Mario stood “for all good LawExchange International values and Lewis’ achievements.”  When LawExchange International’s Executive Committee met to determine a winner, they agreed with this assessment and that, against a strong field, Mario should win the Award.

Congratulations Mario!

More information regarding The Lewis Isaacs Award can be found here.

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