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Nominations for The Lewis Isaacs Award 2023

16 August 2023

In 1994, Lewis Isaacs set up LawExchange International, with the help and support of his partners in law firm Hewitsons. From its beginnings in England and Europe, LawExchange International now has almost 40 member firms across the world.

Lewis has said from the beginning that LawExchange International members must be willing to treat a client referred to them by another member firm with the same commitment to quality of advice and service as they would show to their own clients. This simple rule is reinforced by the close personal relationships that LawExchange International encourages within its membership through its processes, conferences and meetings. 

Throughout the entire period of LawExchange International’s history, this approach has been personified by the example set by Lewis Isaacs, his actions and his leadership. It is fitting therefore that his name will be used for an Award that is intended to honor those who best represent LawExchange International’s values and ambitions.

Winners in the past

In 2021, Mario Baraldi from member firm Studio Galgano (Italy) has won the first Lewis Isaacs Award for the work that he had done for a client together with Zirngibl.

In his nomination, Jan Krekel from Zirngibl wrote very well of the background to the issues that Mario assisted with, and was full of admiration for the way that he worked with Zirngibl and delivered value to the client. The nomination concluded that Mario stood “for all good LawExchange International values and Lewis’ achievements.” 

Carlos Murillo from our Mexican member firm DíazIgareda was selected as the 2022 Lewis Isaacs Award winner for the work he had done for Phillips Lytle.

David J. McNamara from Phillips Lytle said that Carlos lives LEI’s standards and goals of seamless client service and value at the highest level.  His commitment to LEI’s ideals, as established by Lewis, is deserving of recognition through the prestigious Lewis Isaacs Award.

2023 Nominations

The next nominations for the Lewis Isaacs Award 2023 have been received:

Alastair is nominated because he and his team were really proactive, extremely sensible on fees and provided an excellent and seamless service to HCR’s client in order to complete the transactions, get the stamp duty paid on the two new leases and the documentation registered at the Scottish Land Registry. The clients were very happy.

Loopstra Nixon in Toronto received a referral from Gould & Ratner in Chicago to assist a large European Energy Infrastructure company with its takeover of a Canadian publicly traded competitor.

Clay Fernandes at Loopstra Nixon played a lead role in executing the complex transaction including round-the-clock responsiveness and accommodating three time zones throughout the transaction. The transaction was completed with highly satisfied clients. It’s an example of collaboration across three countries which demonstrates how LEI member firms can achieve global reach for their clients.

Winner 2023?

The winner will be announced after the EC meeting of beginning September 2023 and will receive his award at the Autumn Conference in San Diego in October 2023.

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