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On 26 October there was a meeting of the LEI Real Estate and Construction Group

27 October 2021

Representatives of the real estate, planning and construction law teams from Gould & Ratner, Loopsta Nixon, Zirngibl, Ramberg, Lindsays, HCR Hewitsons, Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven came together for a virtual meeting which included sharing about practice backgrounds, international work exposure and other areas of common interest within this practice area.  The meeting spent time discussing developments in building safety regulations in the jurisdictions of the members of the Group which revealed some common areas of approach across the World.  Going forward representatives at these meetings will introduce some of the junior members of their teams in order to give them LEI exposure. Fred Tannenbaum of Gould & Ratner updated the meeting on wider LEI developments. Other LEI member firms who were not able to attend, but who have expressed a wish to do so in the future, include Levenbach, Procopio and Lautenschlager, Romeiro e Iwamizu Advogados.

The group is developing its own page on the LEI website, and will continue to make active use of its LinkedIn group.

Date of the next meeting is to be confirmed, but look out for communications.

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