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SWS as a legal advisor for construction of a breakwater for the new Outer Port in Świnoujście

22 December 2023

SWS has signed a contract with the Maritime Office in Szczecin to provide comprehensive legal services for the investment project "Construction of a breakwater for the new Outer Port in Świnoujście" as part of the Programme "Construction and development of access infrastructure to the Port of Świnoujście in the years 2023-2029".

The Programme consists of three interrelated investment projects: in addition to the construction of a breakwater with a planned length of 3.6 km, it will include works to enable water transport to the Outer Port and the purchase of a dredger to maintain the approach channel to Świnoujście and the Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway. The total cost of the programme, which will be financed from the state budget and the FEnIKS programme, is PLN 10.3 billion.

The implementation of the Programme will ensure adequate access infrastructure to the deep-water terminals at the Port of Świnoujście, the construction of which is currently one of the most important economic investments in the country. This will enable the Port of Świnoujście to become a transshipment hub, accessible to large ocean-going vessels on direct intercontinental routes, where some of the containers unloaded from the ocean-going vessels will be transferred to feeder vessels serving the Baltic Sea basin or transported further inland along the Oder River, and rail and road networks. The construction of the protective breakwater is intended to enable the construction of the port’s hydrotechnical and transshipment infrastructure and its subsequent safe operation.

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